The Concept

It is a constant challenge to effectively communicate details of an organisation's performance. Our product is an intuitive, fully interactive, software solution designed to analyse and display all forms of complex numerical data. It effectively translates your commercial and operational data in to a graphic illustration, thus highlighting the key areas of opportunity and of risk, allowing you to react quickly to any changes in your business data.


Our business intelligence software utilises heatmap technology and features include:

  • Strong visual impact : highs and lows stand out
  • Simple to use : view, create & publish
  • Ability to drill down through multiple layers to view source data and external sources

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Our solutions offer the benefit of :

  • A sliding colour range, not only red, orange and green - degrees of variation within a band can be seen
  • Easy to identify areas of no-data when viewing comparisons - these show up in grey
  • Can view both a measure and the scale of contribution - traditionally would need to review separate reports for each dimension

Heatmaps - The Technology

Incito's heatmap solution is a distributed web solution for use on intranet, extranet or on the internet. It can be used in any environment which is capable of running a browser.