The solution to distributing up to the minute management information and analysis across an entire business.

The Enterprise product has the ability to share real-time data with customers, partners or suppliers over secure mediums such as a company extranet and can also be linked to information from other databases by the simple click of a mouse.

Our Enterprise solution has an annual licence cost which includes both the Enterprise product, a distributed web solution, and an unlimited number of Desktop licences.

Incito's enterprise solution is a distributed web solution for use on intra, extranets or on the Internet. Each application can be provided stand-alone or integrated within a broader application. Updates can be pushed to the user in real-time or pulled on a periodic basis.

We are highly flexible and work with you to provide the best solutions that meet with your business aims and our objective is to ensure that you maximise the potential of the data your business holds.

To request further information, for answers to any queries or for an interactive demonstration of our products, please contact us or call 0131 556 4300.

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