Enterprise Wide Examples

Balanced Scorecard reporting

'Heatmap' technology is an ideal format in which to display the metrics for Measurement-Based Management. The balanced scorecard is a management system, not only a measurement system, and relies on both the quality of data and the quality of the representation of the data, to ensure a high quality of decision output from the management process.

Click here for further information regarding balanced scorecard methodologies.

'Heatmap' technology also allows for the delivery of other management reporting formats such as 'traffic light', 'RAG' and 'Dashboard'.

Project Management Reporting

Measuring and reporting the status of multiple projects and the risk associated with each.

Budget Analysis and Reporting

This is common to every business unit within an organisation. Updates can be viewed in real time and budgets, forecasts, re-forecasts etc can all be viewed within the one display.

Resource Allocation

Measuring both human and physical resources in every department within an organisation. Is the headcount too high? Is the ratio of people to incoming calls lower than last month ? These questions can be easily displayed using Incito's solution, allowing you to quickly draw your conclusions.

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