Industry Examples

Investment & Financial institutions

This product represents a highly sophisticated software tool for performance measurement and analysis that is especially well suited to financial and investment markets. It is designed to provide a clear visual representation of your data as dictated by you eg Market / Sector / Share price / Index / Company etc. It gives a clear overview of fund performance for use throughout the entire business with the ability to provide immediate management information and reporting.

Government & Public bodies

These bodies find themselves under constant scrutiny. They therefore have an ongoing requirement for analysis and reporting, on a large number of KPI's, from the vast quantities of complex data that underpin these businesses. The second challenge is to distribute this reporting to all relevant stakeholders. The 'heatmap' provides the ideal medium to conduct the analysis, report on the performance and distroibute over a web interface.

Examples include The Health Service, Emergency Services and local government. 

Distribution / Logistics

Whether you are measuring commercial or operational KPI's, 'heatmaps' provide an immediate management overview, allowing for an instant response to urgent issues. Profitability, on time delivery, scanning compliance, stock levels can all be represented using a 'heatmap' and, should you choose to, the 'heatmap' can be shared throughout the business such that everyone is viewing exactly the same information thus avoiding any mis-interpretation.

All organisations have needs and challenges similar to those above. Further detail on the range of departmental solutions can be found in our section on business functions.

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