Key Business Benefits

Incito's management information product takes the form of a customisable heat mapping solution, transforming raw and abstract data into a dynamic interactive graph, which can be linked to information from other databases by the simple click of a mouse. The heatmap is not a static picture, since it is interactive, but like a picture, it tells more than a thousand words.

Heatmap technology makes a positive and valuable contribution to the decision-making process of any business. By ensuring that users have access to both the analysed information and the raw data, decisions can be better informed. Interactivity allows users to choose which dimension in the data set to use for colour, size or grouping, but also to zoom, filter and view details on demand. Incito's product enables users to visualise and act upon critical patterns in live business information. Users will be able to quickly uncover dependencies and opportunities hidden to others and may therefore discover the next trends and vital patterns before everyone else does. Heatmaps are a perfect way of providing a quick overview of abstract data.

The software is built to address problems such as:

  • How to effectively present more than three dimensions of information in a visual two dimensional graphical display?
  • How to effectively visualise "inherently abstract" data and its structure?
  • How to effectively visualise very large, often complex data sets?
  • How to effectively display results - when you don't know in advance what the results will be?

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To view a brief presentation highlighting our 'heatmap' product's capabilities click Run presentation