Visual, intuitive, and interactive, our products help you to unlock your company's full potential.

A heatmap presents information extracted from an aggregated view of data in a simple way that enables patterns and specific problem areas to be easily identified. It presents multiple dimensions of information in an intuitive interface, making navigation and analysis of the information easy.

Our heatmaps transform raw and abstract data into a dynamic interactive graph, which can also be linked to information from other databases by the simple click of a mouse.

We offer 2 distinct solutions, utilizing the same underlying technology, that provide you with the full scope of functionality and affordability, dependant on your individual requirements.

Desktop product

The Desktop product is akin to Adobe acrobat and reader, having 2 components, Composer and Analyser.

Composer, which is used to create and publish heatmaps, and Analyser, which is used to view heatmaps, are both licenced per seat.

Each Composer can be used to generate as many heatmaps as is required. The number of Composer licences needed will depend on how many users will be creating heatmaps for distribution.

Enterprise Product

Our Enterprise solution has an annual licence, which includes both the Enterprise product, a distributed web solution, and an unlimited number of Desktop licences.

We are highly flexible and work with you to provide the best solutions that meet with your business aims and our objective is to ensure that you maximise the potential of the data your business holds.

For downloading there is an 8 page product overview, a PDF document including testimonial details.

Please note that we do offer our products free of charge for approved academic and non-commercial use.

To request further information, for answers to any queries or for an interactive demonstration of our products, please contact us or call on 0131 556 4300.

To view a brief presentation highlighting our 'heatmap' product's capabilities click Run presentation.