Data is at the core of business. Individuals in companies, their partners and customers are recognising the need to find ways to quickly make sense out of business critical information. We have developed a highly sophisticated software tool for performance measurement and analysis, which displays data in a very effective visual format. It's most valuable attributes are the ease of use, the ability to work with real time data and the fact that it is far quicker in identifying key performance indicators, when compared to traditional reporting methods.

Our MI tools can be deployed to any area of the business to add significant value to the management process by ensuring that decisions are well informed. It will allow users to :

  • Identify hidden problems and avert threats
  • Identify unrecognised patterns
  • Identify and capitalise on new opportunities
  • Clarify and reinforce strengths
  • Eliminate weaknesses and problems

Using this very visual 'heatmap' technology, Incito offer a range of software solutions designed to satisfy every business requirement in a wide range of industries.

Incito can provide consultation, implementation and support throughout all stages of a development.

We can provide a preliminary demonstration of our 'heatmap' solution using a general set of data or can provide a customised demonstration using data you provide. 

To request further information, for answers to any queries or for an interactive demonstration of our products, please contact us or call 0131 556 4300.

To view a brief presentation highlighting our 'heatmap' product's capabilities click Run presentation