The Technology


All our Heatmap applications use JavaTM technology to ensure they run on any compatible platform. You will need a suitable version of a Java Run Time (JRE) installation, which you can obtain from Sun. We recommend you use the products with Java 1.4.2 or later. This means you can run heatmaps on Windows, Linux, Macs and on 32 or 64 bit architectures without any problems. You may even mix and match environments analysing heatmaps in one architecture that were created on another.

Desktop products

Desktop Composer, and Analyser are both available as locally installed applications or can be deployed through JavaTM Web Start. The applications can run on any platform including MS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

When deploying an application through JavaTM Web Start you are always guaranteed to be running the latest version of the application. There is no software to distribute, no installation to be performed and no setup is required since webstart takes care of ensuring all users have the latest version.

For more information on JavaTM Web Start please see the java site at: JavaTM Web Start

Enterprise products

Incito's Enterprise solution is a distributed web solution for use on intra, extranets or on the Internet. It can be used in any environment which is capable of running a browser, and it allows the organisation deploying the solution to focus on their business rather than spending valuable resources and time on building and deploying web enabled heatmap applications from scratch.

Each application can be provided stand-alone or integrated within a broader application. Updates can be pushed to the user in real-time or pulled on a periodic basis.

This enterprise web application consists of an applet and a server. The server components run on any J2EE compliant server and the applet runs in any browser (IE4 and later). The entire application is highly configurable, and uses industry standard APIs for collecting data and so can take data from almost any source.The application uses J2EE standards and is easy to integrate with existing security policies and implementations.

To request further information, for answers to any queries or for an interactive demonstration of our products, please contact us or call 0131 556 4300.

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